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baseFill module

Updated: Apr 6, 2022

Note: this documentation is outdated. In the new Slice-Up Beta brims and contours fill are not supported, plus there are some parameters for increased control. New documentation coming soon.

This post is a detailed explanation of the baseFill module.

By explaining each parameter - the intention is that of outlining all the possibilities you have when it comes to create a base layer for your vase.


The brim option included in the baseFill module are most useful in case you have some nasty angles and need to improve adhesion.

Note: If the purpose of your brim is that of priming the extruder, we recommend skipping this step and using the automatic Brim provided in all gCode modules instead.

In this example, 5 brim loops are made so that they intersect the outer boarder of my object (in blue).

Base Layer Type : Contour vs Concentric

You can choose in between two base layer types: Contour or Concentric

  • Contour: the base layer is filled using a pattern composed of horizontal lines

  • Concentric: the base layer conforms to the outer boundary, and continues in a spiral-like shape towards the center of the print

Note: if you plan to print your creation using gCode - Closed Curve Spiral we recommend that you always use concentric type.

Base Layer Type: concentric (left) vs contour (right)

Path Spacing

This set the distance in between adjacent paths. In order to achieve perfect fill, the rule of the thumb is to set this value equal to your extruder diameter. However, small adjustments may be necessary - depending on your hardware and print settings.

Note: path spacing do not affect extrusion values in any way. You can set a wider spacing to achieve patterns and/or partial fill.

Path Spacing: 1.3mm (left) vs 5mm (right)

In the new Slice-Up Beta brims and contours fill are not supported, Concentric Mode: Loose vs Accurate

If a concentric fill is selected you can choose in between two modes: Loose or Accurate

  • Loose: this option can conform smoothly to any boundary, however Path Spacing is not respected, and will change locally depending to the geometry.

  • Accurate: in this option the Path Spacing is always respected, however it can not conform to smooth wave types. It only works if a primary curve input is selected

Concentric Mode: Loose (left) vs Accurate (right)

Boundary Overlap

With this parameter you can control the overlap between infill and boundary.

You can control this setting a value in between 0 and 1.

  • If set to 1 - there is complete overlap between the infill and the boundary

  • If set to 0 - Infill is offset to the inside of a value equal to Path Spacing

Boundary Overlap: overlap set to 0 (left), and overlap set to 0,5 (right)

Multiple Layers

You can print up to 5 layers in your base, and it is possible to alternate Contour and Concentric modes by selecting the appropriate Infill Type.

Note: if you plan to print your creation using gCode - Closed Curve Spiral you are limited to maximum 2 layers, and concentric type.

Multiple Layers: alternate contour and concentric (left) vs contour only (right)

XY Resolution

This adjust the XY resolution of your base layer, which is set to Low by default.

Note: is recommended to keep XY resolution as low as possible, in order to incur in computation that are too heavy later on. Only increase this value if the preview on the screen is un-acceptable.

This concludes the overview of the baseFill module, if you have further doubts or question, or need some advise specific to your setup, feel free to ask here.

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