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We aim to provide the 3d printing community

with a custom g-code generator that pushes the boundaries of 3d printing.

We believe in toolpath-level design.

Slices are building blocks that can be programmed and manipulated in order to create always new and astonishing objects and structural patterns.

We focus on continuous tool-path generation as a way to reduce manufacturing defects and empower technologies like LDM and pellet extrusion.

Slice-Up is a tool for Artists, Designers, Architects, Students, Educators, Researchers  and really everyone else who like to learn and explore.

You can help us!

Join the community, ask question, bring ideas, and report bugs!

Spread the word!

Tag us on social medias and show us your work!

Your contribution is precious, and motivate us to keep improving!

3d printed pattern



We are looking for talented designers and developers who share our passion for digital fabrication.

Feel free to send a spontaeus application to

Make sure to tell us about yourself, your passions, and why you think you would make a great addition.

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